The $20 Amazon Find Every (Big!) Plant Lover Needs to Have at Home

updated Dec 14, 2019
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Credit: Samara Vise

There’s nothing that brings me greater joy than my plants. I love seeing them grow and thrive. I love mastering taking care of a new plant (especially after having been a not-so-great plant caretaker in the past). And I love how they look displayed in my home. But moving all the plants? Not so fun.

While most of my plants are on the lighter side, I aspire to have some big plants in the future—and I have no idea how I would move them. At least I didn’t until I heard about these plant trolleys from Amazon

As someone who lives on a street so narrow that I had to move all my furniture into my house by rolling it down the street on a trolley (the moving truck didn’t fit down my street), I know just how helpful it is to be able to roll something down a path instead of carrying it. It can make all the difference. So a trolley specifically for plants? Brilliant.

Credit: Amazon

This product from Amazon is less than $20 and includes not one, but two, trolleys for moving all your favorite plants and flowers. These could also be helpful if you’re moving your plants around your house often. Maybe you need to transfer them to various areas due to the seasons changing. Maybe you need to give them a shower every now and then. Maybe you simply like to switch up where the plants are in your house to give your space a different look. No matter how you want to move them, these trolleys make it more fun and less of a pain (on you and your scratched-up floors).

If you don’t have plants, it seems like customers are using these for other purposes as well (one person mentioned using it for a fan that he moves around rooms—pretty genius!). Plus, the benefit of getting two trolleys is that you can use one for plants and another for something else entirely. If you’re moving anytime soon, the trolleys might be more helpful for moving furniture and boxes than you realize.