15 Game-Changing Organizing Products Amazon Shoppers Are Buying by the Thousands, Starting at $6

updated Mar 7, 2024
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Wall length storage unit in dining room of communal home.

There are lots of reasons to love Amazon, not least of all because the online shopping platform has everything you could possibly need for your home. Of course, said items also arrive at your door lightning-fast, and they’re usually pretty well-priced. The customer feedback aspect is also unmatched — and no, we’re not just talking about the product reviews. Recently, we’ve often found ourselves in the Bestsellers section of the website. Not only is it fun to see which products customers are buying by the thousands, but it’s also helpful for your own shopping purposes. In need of new storage bins for the closet? This page points you to the most popular ones, which must be effective because they’re selling so well.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we were immediately drawn to the organizing section. Below, you’ll find 15 of the home organizers that Amazon shoppers couldn’t stop buying this past month, from paper towel holders to storage solutions for your jewelry. If your apartment could use a little tidying, check them out.

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was $26.63

Getting any drawer in order calls for this 25-piece plastic divider tray set. Its little bins come in four different sizes, and they work in just about any configuration. As a result, you'll never be left with an awkward, impossible-to-fill gap in a corner of your drawer. Use the trays to store anything from skincare and cosmetics to office supplies. It's no wonder over 70,000 sets were bought last month!

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was $13.99

There’s nothing more frustrating than a cluttered vanity or bathroom counter — that’s why you need these cute, clear jars for your cotton swabs, hair elastics, and more. You can even grab another set for office supplies! They have so many uses that it’s no wonder why over 10,000 shoppers bought them last month.

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was $59.99

Keep from kicking over body wash bottles each shower with this handy caddy set, which comes with five adhesive organizers of varying sizes. The drill-free bins are sturdy enough to hold numerous bottles of your favorite hair and body products, and their strong adhesive backing means they won't come crashing down on your head mid-rinse. More than 80,000 sets were bought last month, and the caddies are currently 60% off.

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was $71.99

Don’t have enough counter space for all of your kitchen appliances, or want to make the most of vertical space in your garage? This highly-rated shelving unit will do the trick. Each shelf holds a whopping 350 pounds, and the open design will make everything easy to find and access.

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was $44.99

These fabric storage bins are the crème de la crème when it comes to a convenient place to store your clothes. They're roomy and sturdy, with firm sides that fold down when not in use. The best part? Each box boasts a transparent front window that zips down, making it easy to see what's inside easy — and accessing it even easier.

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was $59.99

We recommend getting one of these two-tier organizers for the area under your kitchen sink and using the second one in the set to tidy up the space under your bathroom sink. The bottom shelf extends outward for easy access, and best of all, the device is designed to stay out of the way of your sink's plumbing, so you know it'll fit without a problem.

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was $27.99

Currently on sale for just $15, this minimalist three-tier shoe rack is a bargain. It's available in two colors and four sizes, so you won't have any trouble making it fit inside your closet or by your front door. Amazon reviewers also note that the rack takes just minutes to assemble, and for the price, it's surprisingly sturdy.

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There's technically nothing wrong with keeping paper towels on the counter, but you could save that space by opting for this under-shelf holder. More than 10,000 were bought last month, with Amazon reviewers praising the holder's sleek (it comes in seven colors!) and drill-free design. The holder also comes with a strong adhesive strip, you can easily attach it to the bottom of a cabinet, effectively creating storage space out of thin air.

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was $27.99

Not only do unorganized silverware and cooking utensils slow you down during meal prep, but it can also be dangerous to have sharp objects, like knives, floating around in a drawer. Enter this clever insert, which expands to the exact size of your drawer. It sports eight divided compartments for both flatware and tools, including cutlery, spatulas, and stirring spoons.

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was $54.99

You might've seen this innovative shoe storage solution on TikTok. It allows you to individually store and stack pairs of shoes and also keep an eye on all pairs, allowing for faster dressing. The boxes can stack any way you want, so you can configure them to whatever height you need depending on where you place them. And, if you're particularly proud of your footwear, this storage set will keep your favorite pairs on display!

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was $39.99

It’s easy to let your under-sink area fall into disarray with cleaning bottles in the kitchen and toiletries in the bathroom. With this two-for-one pick, though, you’ll have a two-tier organizer to go in each spot, optimizing your cabinet spaces. We also love the organizers' modern acrylic shelves and two-toned design.

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was $7.99

If you're a renter, these baseball cap organizers might not be for you, but Amazon shoppers can't get enough of them. If you plan on sticking the holders onto tile or glass, you can adhere them on with the included strips. Otherwise, you'll have to drill them into the wall. In any case, your cap collection will remain organized and not take up valuable real estate on your closet shelves.

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was $13.99

You can’t beat a classic over-the-door shoe organizer, especially if you’re short on closet space. Over 99,000 shoppers gave this nifty find five stars, and some of them even use it as a toiletry organizer in the bathroom instead!

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was $19.99

Instead of losing all of your leggings and yoga pants in your drawers, you can add this handy organizer to your closet, where they'll take up less space. A set of two holds twenty pairs, so you can find what you’re looking for in an instant.

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was $16.99

Propping up your broom and mop in the closet or laundry room can get a bit chaotic — but once you snag this device, you can hang them up securely on the wall. “It was a big help to unclutter things and get them off the floor,” a shopper said. “I wasn't sure if the vacuum was going to be too heavy for it but it has held it with no problems. There are some hooks that are handy for other lightweight things like rags, brushes, etc.”