Amazon Has Incredible Black Friday Deals on Le Creuset, All-Clad, Keurig, and More Top Kitchen Brands

updated Nov 28, 2021
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Amazon is one of our favorite online retailers for everyday deals, and in fact, some of our favorite kitchen purchases of 2021 have been Amazon finds! But we’ve never seen deals like their Black Friday sale, going on right now. It’s easy to spend a whole afternoon browsing this ever-useful site, so we did you the time-saving favor of pulling out the best of the best kitchen and cooking-related purchases. Big names (Le Creuset! Wusthof! Keurig!) and bigger savings right this way. See our list below, and also see our roundups of the best Amazon Black Friday home deals, tech deals, and vacuum deals.

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was $300.00

A 3.5 quart capacity makes this highly coveted piece of cookware a must-have for everyday cooking. It’s less hefty than Le Creuset’s flagship Dutch oven, but we use it all the time for soups, grains, and even sautéeing veggies. You really can’t beat Le Creuset’s color selection, either: There’s bound to be one that’s a perfect match for your current kitchen decor.

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was $349.95

From smoothies to soup and salsa to salt-rimmed margs, this Vitamix workhorse does it all. Ten different speeds and a powerful motor combine to deliver the smoothest, easiest blend ever, with versatility that will have the blender flexing between meal prep duty to dessert making and everything in between.

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Our editors have sung the praises of the slightly larger version of this workhorse in the past. “Everything I made in it turned out crispy and nicely browned all over, and it had a responsive touchscreen and dial that made it simple to adjust the time and temperature,” Kitchn tools editor, Riddley, wrote. Aside from being an air fryer, the six-in-one appliance is also a broiler, roaster, and dehydrator, plus it can be used for baking and reheating. For those moments when you’re wondering when your food will be ready, the touchscreen keeps you posted on every stage of cooking.

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was $45.99

If holiday baking or hosting sessions have you on your feet for hours on end, you're going to love this mat from Sky Solutions. Made of crazy-plush non-slip foam, it's designed to keep your feet and joints from feeling the fatigue of extended standing. Plus, with a variety of colors and patterns, it can coordinate with your kitchen seamlessly.

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was $149.99

Sad but true: You can only fit so many small appliances on your countertops. Cue... the air fryer-toaster oven combo from Hamilton Beach. Honestly, this is genius and we wish we’d thought of it. It’s 1,800 watts and super compact, but somehow manages to do #allofthejobs. Bonus points for the easy-to-clean crumb tray and fry basket.

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If you live and breathe cold brew even in the dead of winter, this handy maker is about to be your (and your bank account's) new BFF. A durable BPA-free pitcher combines with a fine mesh filter meant to keep grounds out of your brew. Simply steep your favorite varietal for at least 12 hours, then enjoy four cups of rich, dynamic cold brew to help you get through that holiday hustle.

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was $150.00

Everybody needs a set of quality nonstick skillets. These beauties from All Clad more than fit the bill. They’re generously sized at 10 and 12 inches, and made with a triple layer of nontoxic nonstick coating. But it’s the durable stainless steel base that sets these pans apart: They’re efficient heat conductors, making them a smart choice for just about any cooking task.

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was $469.00

Lightweight and nimble, this Miele bagged canister vacuum has a high suction power for picking up stubborn dirt and dust, but can also be adjusted between six settings depending on the surface you’re cleaning. You can use it on your carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery by switching between the turbo brush floorhead or parquet floorhead. And rest assured that the AirClean System that will actually leave the room’s air cleaner than before you vacuumed.

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was $139.99

Good cheer, a positive attitude, and plenty of coffee: That’s how we’re planning on making it through the holiday season. Now is the best time to invest in a new coffee machine, and we won’t lie: We’re crushing on this pretty matte white model from Keurig. Who doesn’t love their choose-a-strength capacity and hot water on demand options?

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was $22.08

A kitchen towel is just a kitchen towel, right? Wrong! According to Tools editor Riddley, “These are the ones that you’re gonna put to WORK.” Highly absorbent and lint-free, they’re our choice for hands, dishes, hot pan handles, as well as messes and spills. They’re sold in a 15-pack, but we’re betting you will want another set as soon as the first arrives.

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was $100.00

Everyone should have a quality serrated knife in their collection. (Seriously, have you ever tried to slice juicy tomatoes without one?) And because this knife is made by Wusthof, it’s truly made to last. Don’t believe us? Just ask that lifetime warranty.

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was $23.99

Take the guesswork out of cooking meat with this digital thermometer. It’s programmable, so you can set it to the temperature you want and forget about it until the alarm sounds. Yay, food-safe chicken and pork! Yay, perfect steak! Yay, clever kitchen timer feature!

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was $399.99

This vac is called “Hero” for good reason. It’s one of the lightest-weight vacuums we’ve seen, making it a clever choice for those with hard-to-reach spots (and dusty drapes). Not only can it tackle hard floors and carpets, it’s cordless, with an impressive 40-minute run time.

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was $34.95

Hydro Flask may not be the only water bottle on the market, but it is one of the best-looking and best-performing. It’s insulated, and has a slip-free coating in about a thousand colors (okay, 13). The pivot sip-top is a classy touch, too.

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was $107.99

Where would we be without our microwaves? From reheating coffee to melting chocolate, these mini machines just may be the hardest-working pieces in our kitchens. Toshiba’s model is staggeringly inexpensive, and miles better than the microwaves we grew up with. We’re talking eco mode, intuitive cooking capability, and 6 smart presets. A proper microwave is an unexpected gift that keeps on giving.

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was $59.99

When did blenders get so complicated? This little buddy from Nutribullet is a no-fuss, fun-sized powerhouse for smoothies, shakes, and food prep. We’re impressed by its powerful 600-watt motor, but equally enticing is that 24-ounce to-go cup (and lid). Fewer dishes to wash, less cupboard real estate, and a *very* approachable price. Sold!

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was $149.99

Tablets are a cook’s best friend. They’re such a smart option for following recipes, due to the large display screen. (And the lack of keys; how many times have we gotten crumbs in our laptop keyboards this year?) The Fire is 10 inches and has an HD screen, so it can transition easily to streaming and gaming — or just catching up with friends over video chat. And hello, that PRICE!

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was $27.50

This insulated food jar by THERMOS may give off “camping vibes,” but it’s just as useful for the desk jockey. It keeps soups and stews hot for 14 hours — or maintains chilled foods for a full 24. Thanks to its wide mouth design, it can be used as a food storage container and serving vessel, so no stress if you forgot your soup bowl at home. We’re giving these to our road trip-loving friends and office buddies.

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was $77.62

You wouldn’t dream of giving your favorite oenophile a nice bottle without the proper means of opening it, would you? The Rabbit corkscrew is the original bottle opener upgrade, and we’ve never seen one with a price this low. It even comes with a handy foil cutter.

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was $349.99

Home cooks and vacuums go together like Cheerios and toddlers, which is to say: It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that usually involves stuff on the floor. This upright Oreck vac is the crème de la crème for kitchen messes, with tried-and-true bag technology and a HEPA filter for cleaner living spaces. And at 10 pounds, it’s much lighter than the upright vacs our grandmothers knew and loved.

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was $26.13

It is our mission to outfit every home cook with a lazy Susan (or eight). These simple turntables are efficient space-savers for condiments, oils, spices, and just about anything else you cook with regularly. This pick from Copco caught our eyes, thanks to the non-skid surface, generously sized diameter, and rimmed edge to keep items tidy.

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was $15.95

Is this a one-trick pony? Yes. Do you need it? Also yes. It’s slim enough to get tucked away in just about any drawer, so you won’t be bothered by its presence when you’re not using it. But when you’ve got a key lime pie or margs on the menu, nobody does it better.

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was $89.99

A vacuum sealer is kind of like a label maker: Once you own one, you’ll find zillions of excuses to use it. This pick from FoodSaver is proven to keep food fresh in the freezer for five times longer. It can even be used for wet items, like that giant stockpot of turkey stock you’ve got simmering on the stove.