Amazon Is Having A One-Day Sale On A Robo Vac Designed Specifically With Pet Owners In Mind

published Nov 23, 2018
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The allure of a robot vacuum is obvious: cleaning that requires no more work than touching a button. But many full-priced robot vacs can cost $500 or more, which is why Black Friday is the perfect time to grab one. And if you’re a pet owner, or someone whose house tends to be pretty messy, one of today’s Amazon deals might be the vacuum you’ve been looking for. For all of Black Friday, Shark’s ION R85 is 50% off.

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What sets the R85 apart from the competition? Well, for starters, like all Shark robot vacuums, it comes with an app that allows you to schedule and start cleanings remotely. Additionally, this particular model is designed with pet owners–or rather, pet hair–in mind. It has a “max mode” that allows for three times stronger suction than previous Shark ION models. That allows it to lift up more hair, or whatever mess it encounters (although it will also use up more battery life). An extra large dustbin means it can also handle bigger jobs, or just allow you to go longer between emptying it.

The R85 also has dual-side sweeping brushes that pick up extra debris in corners or along walls, as well as navigation technology to help it better clean your floors (and avoid your stuff). That also means it automatically re-docks itself to charge up for its next cleaning.

This deal will run for all of Friday, November 23, ending at 11:59 p.m. P.T., and is part of Amazon’s month-long lead-up to the shopping holiday. (Don’t worry if you haven’t been taking advantage of it, Cyber Monday is sure to bring even more sales.) You can read all of our Amazon Black Friday coverage here.