Pet Owners Love these Heavy Duty Stain Remover Pads from Amazon

published Nov 11, 2019
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Credit: Amazon

We’ve all been there: You spill a glass of wine on the carpet during a dinner party. Or your new puppy has an accident on your favorite rug. Or your kids run around with mud on their shoes. Whatever the reason, you’ve almost certainly had to get a stain out of your carpet—and fast. That’s where Bissell’s Stomp ‘N Go pads come in. We just discovered this fast-acting solution on Amazon’s Mover & Shakers page, and now we’re wondering where it’s been all our lives.

Pet accidents, coffee or wine spills, mud, and other stains are no match for these convenient stain lifting pads from Bissell that do exactly as they promise, no scrubbing required. Simply place a pad over a stain (fresh or set-in), stomp to activate the cleaning solution, and then leave it to absorb the stain for 30 minutes (or up to 24 hours depending on what you’re working with). Amazon sells these magic wipes in a pack of 20, and reviewers can’t seem to get enough.

“If you have a pet that has accidents in the house, these are a MUST HAVE,” says one pet owner. “My puppy has been driving me bonkers with accidents in the house, but I don’t sweat it anymore thanks to these pads. They are seriously miracle workers and I will always have a supply of them in my house going forward.”

The pads use an Oxy formula to lift the stains and eliminate odors, plus they work safely on a number of surfaces including carpet, dog beds, and car interiors. They’re similar to other Bissell stain remover products, like the Stain Destroyer Pro, but stand out for being a hands-free alternative to traditional sprays. While they aren’t the most eco-friendly option, they’re a good tool to keep in your carpet cleaning arsenal—especially when you just don’t have the time to pull out the spray and put in some elbow grease to get the stain out.

“I’m pretty sure there is magic in these,” another reviewer said. “You literally lay these down, step on them for a few seconds and walk away. I generally leave it for 24 hours but I’m not sure if that’s really necessary. The next day you can see the stain on the pad and the rug is spotless.”

“They occasionally work so well that the rest of the rug then looks dirty in comparison to the newly cleaned spot and then I feel the need to shampoo the whole thing,” the same person continued.

One reviewer had the cost-saving idea of cutting them into smaller pieces and only using what they needed, then resealing the pouch with a clip to keep the unused product moist. However, people with larger pets reported having to use more than one pad, so the next request from users for Bissell is for different sized pads.