Both 23andMe Kits Are On Sale On Amazon For A Limited Time

updated May 3, 2019
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Even if you aren’t Irish, you have St. Patrick’s Day to thank for this lucky news — 23andMe kits are currently 20% off in honor of the holiday.

The deal, which runs through March 18, is for both 23andme testing options. The less expensive one, which gives you just ancestry results, is currently $79, down from $99. The more expensive test, which includes at least 75 personalized health reports, is $159, down from $199. That includes genetic risk and carrier reports not included in the basic version. (Those who change their mind, however, will have the option to upgrade to the more comprehensive report for $125 at any point).

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Both kits have the same set-up: once the kit arrives from Amazon (it’s prime-eligible, so that won’t take long), you have to send off your DNA sample (aka a tube of spit) for testing. The kit includes easy, free shipping and collection instructions. The results will then be available online in an average of 6-8 weeks.

Since its founding in 2006, 23andMe has continued to increase the amount of data it can make available to customers. Last April, the company got FDA approval to include data on genetic risks for certain continues. However, as the LA Times pointed out, the FDA also emphasized that genetic risk is not the same as prediction that you will have a specific disease or condition.

23andMe has also been able to increase the amount of information on ancestry as more and more people participate. Recently, it added 150 additional regions to people’s genetic results. As 23andMe continues to add to both health and ancestry reports, they are also rolled out to past participants, meaning you can continue to learn more about your results as time passes on, no need to re-purchase. (If you have taken 23andMe in the past, your expanded ancestry results are not currently available, but will be soon.)

Another ongoing controversy with 23andMe has been privacy. However, the company has emphasized that use of customer’s DNA is anonymized, and you can opt out of sharing your DNA, either for non-profit or for-profit purposes. You can also pull your genetic testing from future studies at any given point. However, that does not remove your DNA from past studies, as Business Insider reported in December.

With all that said, if you’ve long been curious about the information your own genes hold, now might be the time to buy a 23andMe kit of your own. Who knows, maybe you will learn, after all, there is some actual luck of the Irish in your own family line.