The Dyson Air Purifier Is 20% Off Today Only On Amazon

published Sep 21, 2018
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We’ve referred to Dyson products as being the “Cadillac” of its category, but at this point, Dyson has become synonymous with industry leader, meaning we should really start calling Cadillacs the Dyson of cars. In which case, we’d have to say the Dyson of air purifiers is on sale today. But it’s a Dyson, so maybe we should just stick with the car metaphors for now.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier automatically reacts to pollutants in the air to filter an impressive 99.97 percent of impurities. It can also be controlled by voice, WiFi, or smartphone. And, in the summer (or whenever you need to cool off), you can use it as a fan. New, it retails for as much as $500. But for today only, you can get a certified refurbished model on Amazon for $270.

While Amazon sells a number of certified refurbished products, not all are the same. Who does the refurbishing, as well as what kind of warranty it comes with, can change product to product. This sale is on air purifiers refurbished by the manufacturer, and are meant to have minimal to no wear. It also comes with a six-month limited warranty against defects.

Additionally, the brand-new Dyson Pure Cool has also been marked down to $349, though that discount is not timed and we are not sure when, if ever, the price will go back up. However, according to Amazon price tracking website CamelCamelCamel, the price of the new Dyson Pure Cool has been steadily at $500 for months, leading us to suspect the current price might be to make it look worth upgrading from the refurbished model for around $80 more.

Whether you choose to go new or used, however, both models are ideal for larger spaces or whole apartments and even will provide air quality reports to your phone. And while it’s not without a footprint, the tower shape keeps it from taking up too much floor space, and makes it relatively mobile as well.

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