This Humidifier Has Over 6,000 5-Star Reviews–And It’s 30% Off Today on Amazon

published Mar 7, 2019
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These past few months of winter have probably left your skin feeling some type of way—namely: dry, red, and rough. Even though spring is coming in a few weeks, the damage done by a lack of humidity will take some time to recover from. While lotions and moisturizers are a great remedy, they don’t take care of the root of the problem. For that, you’ll need to move somewhere humid—or invest in a humidifier, which will add moisture to the air around you whenever you need it. Even if you’re not dealing with dry skin, humidifiers are a powerful way to ease coughing and congestion, especially in children.

If you haven’t jumped on the humidifier train yet, you’re in luck: Amazon is having a major sale on one of our favorite humidifier brands, with discounts going as high as 60 percent. All of these humidifiers are cool mist, which is considered to be safer than warm-mist models. The hot steam from warm-mist humidifiers can burn if tipped over (I personally had this experience as a child and would not recommend), so if you have pets or children you’ll definitely want to stick with cool-mist options.

Among the offerings is the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier, the brand’s most popular (and highest-rated) model. Typically $40, it’s discounted by 30 percent (a great deal for the size). With a 1.5 liter water tank, it’s a perfect size for medium-sized spaces like bedrooms and home offices. It’s capable of running for up to 16 hours, so you can easily keep it on all night to moisturize while you sleep. Another perk if you’re using this humidifier in a child’s bedroom: It has lighting functionality, giving you the option to turn on a soft glow that makes for a soothing night light. Chris Mainenti, AT’s Executive Director of Commerce, uses this model and loves it, describing it as “the best of both worlds, combining good aesthetics with top-notch functionality — not to mention, it’s super quiet.” If you’re looking for something larger, it also comes in a 1 gallon tank size—which is currently discounted by 33 percent.

If you want something that you can take with you to work and keep running at your desk, check out the Studio model, which we featured on our best humidifiers under $100 list. This portable option is sleeker and more compact than the others, and is currently on sale for a whopping 60 percent off. Usually $49.99, it’s discounted to only $19.99, making this little model a huge bargain for the perpetually dry-skinned among us. It’s just as effective as the larger models, and has the added perk of high/low mist settings so your coworkers won’t be bothered if it’s sitting on your desk.