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Our Favorite Sweater-Saver Is Currently On Sale

published Feb 12, 2018
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If surviving January taught us anything, it’s that we’re more than ready for spring. And, according to the forecasting of at least one famous rodent last week, we may be in for at least six more weeks of winter. The charm of bracing the cold has begun to fade, and not just for us. Our warm layers can also start looking a bit worse for the wear this time of year.

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Enter the Dritz Sweater Stone. This deceptively simple device breathes new life into fabrics, kind of like you sent them off to a mid-winter getaway to the tropics, except instead of coming back with a tan, your sweaters and coats look new again, with pills and bunching magically erased.

BUY IT: Dritz Sweater Stone, $12 $8

The premise of the sweater stone is relatively simple: the natural pumice (like what you use on your heels) makes it possible to gently buff off pills from a variety of fabrics, including fleece, cashmere and some upholstered furniture. We even found that it out-performs flashier, batter-powered alternatives at a fraction of the cost (not to mention storage space). In fact, we love it so much we recently selected it as one of the AT50 home essentials.

If you haven’t used a sweater stone on your winter layers yet, it’s also a great activity for a midwinter Netflix binge. It’s one of those chores, like cleaning grout, that is as oddly satisfying as it is productive. Gather up all your knits, plop them in a pile on your sofa next to you and with each new episode of The Crown, your haggard-looking wardrobe will be one step closer to a fresh-faced second life. Oh, and once your favorite cashmere is returned to its former glory, you’ll want to consider hand-washing it, as well, although the sweater stone fix might give you a reason to delay laundry day for just a bit longer.