Didn’t Get A New Vacuum On Black Friday? Amazon Is Offering A Great Deal On Roombas

published Nov 27, 2018
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You can get a Roomba for close to $1,000, but you certainly don’t have to. The makes of Roomba, iRobot, release new models regularly with tweaks and improvements, while older models get progressively less expensive. While fancy features and low prices can be a hard balance to strike, a good mid-range model is currently even cheaper on Amazon as part of their Cyber Monday week.

The Roomba 690 offers many of the features of more pricey models, like smart home and app connectivity and re-docking technology, while being a fraction of the price. And currently, for Cyber week, its only $249.

The 690 also has the ability to adjust between hard and carpeted surfaces, as well dirt-detecting sensors and a side-sweeping brush for baseboards. It is also the least expensive model on the market to come with a virtual wall, meaning you can create “no go” areas for your Roomba, like a whole room or where the pet food is kept.

The things the 690 can’t do, depending on your space, you might not miss as much. Newer models feature, most prominently, better suction, as well as better detangling technology if something gets sucked into the brushes, and the ability to recharge midway through cleanings. In other words, if you use your Roomba daily, make a point to keep things like shoelaces out of its path, and don’t have a huge space, you might not miss these features.

In addition to the 690, iRobot has also discounted their Braava robot mop, from $199 to $169. Smaller than a Roomba, it’s designed to clean even small tile spaces like bathrooms, and can mop hardwood. Three different pads adjust the cleaning to different floor and job types, although pads do require replacing after every use.