These Savvy Plugs on Sale Today Will Smarten Up Your Home in Seconds

published Feb 1, 2018
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There’s a new trend sweeping the tech market and we have to say, it’s pretty neat. For many years, if you wanted a “smart” home, it came at top dollar and by the hand of a home automation company. But today, with the proliferation of “home assistants” and whatnot, it’s so much easier and cost effective to do yourself. One quick and simple way to do it? Smart plugs—i.e. mini WiFi-enabled wall outlet plug-ins that turn anything plugged into them “smart”, usually with the help of a coordinating app or a Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.

And today on Amazon, you can score a pair of these clever converters for over half off the SRP—and 30-day money back guarantee—so can try them out for yourselves and see how cool and helpful they can be.

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BUY IT: Etekcity Voltson WiFi Smart Plug (2 Pack) at Amazon, $59.99 $26.99

Insanely easy to install (just plug them into your wall outlet) and use, these WiFi-enabled smart plugs allow you to control all of your home appliances—think: coffee makers, floor lamps, even string lights—straight from your smart phone.

Even cooler, these savvy smart plugs work Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for foolproof voice control, so you can power up all your devices without lifting a single finger. Plus you can create a customized schedule to automate any electronics connected to your smart plugs, meaning you can turn, say, your lights on and off even when you’re away from home (should that be something you’re inclined to do).

If the appeal of a “cool techy” item doesn’t really float your boat, saving money just might set you off sailing. Through the corresponding app, you can easily track power usage for any device that’s connected to it—so you can be, well, smarter about energy consumption (or at least turning certain things off) as well as be aware of electronics that suck the most power.

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