These 3 Amazon Deals Are The V-Day Buys You Need When Romance Is Dead

updated May 3, 2019
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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is a roster of expected gifts for your significant other: flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner out. But sometimes, the best gifts are the most practical, and when you’ve been together a while, the best V-Day gift might not be sexy as it is problem-solving. That is, if you and your sweetie are even acknowledging February 14 as anything more than just a Wednesday. If you are one of those couples who has foregone the long-stemmed roses in favor of a few extra heart emojis in your texts, we have three Amazon deals that may not make hearts flutter in the traditional sense, but they will surely make like together a little sweeter.

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(Image credit: Amazon)

While some fights, like whose turn is it really to unload the dishwasher, might never have an easy answer, Tile Mate’s Key Finder will save you and your S.O. from the panic-inducing realization that one of you has misplaced your keys. (Again!) (And you’re already running late!) The light-weight fob can go on a number of oft-lost devices and located through your phone app. And if you have the opposite problem and can’t find your phone? Press the button twice on Tile Mate and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent.

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Not all couples hit the “leave the bathroom door open” level of comfort around each other. But even the most private person will, at some point, come in contact with the, ahem, olfactory evidence of their partner’s bathroom behavior. Poo-Pourri’s “before you go” spray seems like a gag gift, but it actually helps mask odors. As one reviewer on Amazon puts it, “It definitely helps me be able to live with my husband.”

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Who needs roses when you can get rose gold? Beats sound-cancelling, comfortable headphones are great for noisy flights and offices – or just to drown out the snores of a less-than-quiet sleeping companion. The bluetooth speakers will let you stream your favorite true crime podcasts or pre-bedtime music without getting tangled in wires (and while allowing your phone to charge peacefully on your bedside table).