This $7 Renter-Friendly Amazon Find Lets Me Decorate My Walls Without Ruining Them

updated Nov 9, 2019
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Credit: Liz Calka

I never learned how to use a drill, so hanging up shelves and putting furniture has been a challenge. After much research on how to actually do things without ruining every inch of my wall space, I discovered this double-sided tape available on Amazon (and on Prime) that holds up pretty much everything. Since my purchase, I’ve hung up many things and have found it incredibly useful in ways I never expected.

While duct tape usually gets touted as the fix-everything sticky product, I think this tape might be out to steal that title. I first discovered my dear double-sided tape’s effectiveness with shelves. Keep in mind that it was with lightweight ones, which were only holding dried lavender buds in small vases—I know not to start putting hardback J.K. Rowling novels on shelves held with only tape. However, it does get the job done for those small things that need a place, too.

I also used it to hang faux plants in my nonworking fireplace. What really surprised me here was that the tape stuck—and held—inside the depths of the very dirty fireplace. I have the planters hanging quite high inside the fireplace where no one is going to clean, so the fact that they were able to stick to old soot and plenty of dust impressed me. And those fake golden pathos babies are still hanging.

Next, I tested the tape with hiding and securing wires for my air conditioner and modem in my living room. Lo and behold, the tape came through. When I wanted to move the wires around, it was easy to do—and it didn’t remove any paint from the walls! Then I covered them up with cable concealers and they disappeared like magic.

The most recent way I tried using the tape was with my dog’s bed, which moves around a lot when she jumps in it. I secured it to the floor and the wall with the tape and it worked.

This tape might not be for everyone and everything, but it has my made my life a trillion times easier. What I really love about it is that it allows me to hang things without nailing them to the wall, no drilling or making holes required.