This Amazon Monitor Riser Is the Most Clever, Versatile Way to Maximize Desk Space

published Mar 2, 2022
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Calling all remote workers lacking in desk space or organizing essentials: I recently came across a monitor riser, of all things, that straight-up stopped me in my tracks (yes, really).

During one of my weekday TikTok scroll breaks — which have introduced me to cool new products and home projects galore — I saw a video from user @julesacree titled “Jules’ guide to creating a feel-good workspace.” As a current WFH-er typing this post from my bedroom, I’m all about potential “office” improvements and naturally had to watch. The creator shared her first tip, “Create levels,” while showing off her own well-styled desk with a compact white monitor riser. At first glance, it seemed like any ordinary desk accessory, but then she started to demonstrate its more outstanding features: It has not one, but three elevated portions, and can swivel. I repeat, it swivels.

The video itself offered a few more notable WFH tips, but I need to divert full attention to this workplace-quality riser alone. I found the exact style on Amazon, thanks to a comment the original poster left on her TikTok, where I got an even greater glimpse of its capabilities. For starters, thanks to the side extensions, you can prop up both a monitor and a laptop (or even two monitors side by side, depending on your setup). That alone makes this a true organizing MVP, considering any bulky technology now doesn’t have to fully dominate your desk, but it also clears up room to store notebooks or papers underneath all three risers.

Speaking of the three (!!!) risers, here’s my favorite part: The outer two portions rotate inward, in case you want to angle your laptop or monitor (or coffee mug) closer as you’re working. But, if you typically just use one screen or even have a super narrow desk, these movable add-ons can actually slide together across the middle to form one shorter, conjoined piece — still with underside storage to spare. The patent-pending dual design clocks in at just 9.25 inches wide overall, and 36 inches long when fully extended.

Above all, this Amazon desk riser marries style with ergonomics, a balance I’ve struggled to find for my own workstation. It’s shown in white in the video, but it’s available in black, a creamy grey hue, brown, and even a marble print, all ranging from $34.99 to $37.99. And, as the TikTok creator notes, adding a desk riser is better for your neck overall since you’re making your screen(s) more eye-level. Feel-good workspace, indeed — thanks, TikTok!