The Space-Saving Amazon Organizer That’ll Corral All Your Spices

published Jan 6, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Even if you have a lot of cabinets in your kitchen, there’s one downside every home cook eventually runs into: So much of that space goes unused for design reasons that are largely out of your control. Namely, the top half of each cabinet. If you’re storing high stacks of plates within a cupboard, that tall expanse certainly comes in handy. But, for items that are difficult to stack on top of one another, you need a bit of help. Here at AT, we’re big fans of shelf risers. Whether you use them to store soup bowls or drinking glasses, the important part is that they leave no square inch unoccupied.

But, what about items other than dishware — items that you can’t just reach in and blindly grab? If you do that with your spices, you could very well end up seasoning your stir fry with cinnamon. On the other hand, one wrong move and you could knock over an entire row of little plastic containers. Your answer to these storage problems comes in the form of this Joseph Joseph rotating organizer from Amazon, which will whip your cupboard into shape in no time.

The organizer comes with two flat surfaces, which are easy to assemble using the included steel legs. You could use the bottom tier on its own, too, since it spins and has a raised platform in the middle. To really make use of your vertical cabinet space, however, you’ll want the organizer in its complete form. Stack canned goods, sauce containers, and other kitchen goods on its shelves, and rotate the base to find exactly what you need without disrupting the rest of the collection. The organizer’s design also gives each product better visibility, so you’re less likely to waste food. “Purchased this following a reorganization in the kitchen after finding too much stock at the back of the cupboard being out of date,” one reviewer noted. “(It) makes access soooo much easier.”

Credit: Amazon

Of course, you’re not limited to only using this gadget in the kitchen. It’ll work equally well for your skincare in the bathroom and other cosmetics on your vanity. Its sleek, neutral design won’t detract from the rest of your setup. If there’s anything we’ve learned after covering so many wonderful Joseph Joseph products, it’s that this brand makes home goods that are just as nice-looking as they are functional. “I can’t say enough how great products are by Joseph Joseph!” one shopper wrote. “I’ve started replacing all my house products with this brand. Quality and durability is great!!” Snag your own rotating organizer now, and find out for yourself!

Buy: Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Rotating Organizer, $22.99 (normally $24.99)