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You Can Solve Your Kitchen Crumb Problem with $15 and One Click

published Jul 11, 2019
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The thing about deep cleaning is that it can uncover some mild horrors in your house and make you question how clean you really are. While I’m pretty sure we’re all in the same boat, it’s still not fun to be confronted with the gross things lurking in your home.

Remember spring cleaning–the dirty window tracks, shower tracks, and the dust you saw when you handled your curtains up close? And, remember when you cleaned under your appliances and found all those little crumbs, accumulated from many, many counter clean-ups? Yeah, gross.

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Luckily, there’s a clever little product for that tiny but yucky mess: The Crumb Catcher and Stove Gap Filler. It catches the crumbs that slide between your stove and counter so they don’t end up on the floor or stuck in limbo land in the crevice.

What I like about this product is that it’s a different design than the T-shaped strips we may all be a bit more familiar with. I don’t like how those look, sitting visibly above the counter, and in my experience, they actually just create two new crevices in which crumbs can collect.

The Crumb Catcher is instead shaped like a V and fits invisibly between your counter and stove, hanging down to catch crumbs before they hit the floor or accumulate into some kind of disgusting amalgam. When you want to clean it, you just remove it, wash it, and stick it back in.

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At just under $15 for a pack of two, your Crumb Catcher will keep your gap clean and the floor underneath your oven spotless. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, a cleaner kitchen, and less work when spring cleaning rolls around next year!

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