The Space-Saving, Easy-to-Install Hanging Shower Organizer That I Wish I’d Discovered Years Ago

published Mar 16, 2023
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Pretty shower with black tile, white shower curtain pulled aside

As soon as I moved into my current apartment, I learned that the shower is, um… weird. Where most typically function like a built-in bathroom nook of sorts, with three sides and an opening for a shower curtain or glass door, mine only touches two walls. That means the curtain rod actually curves into an L-shape, so I have to use two sets of shower curtains and liners to enclose the area — one running the length of my tub, the other along the width. It kind of looks like an out-of-place (and very un-chic) cabana in my bathroom corner.

The setup admittedly makes storing my bath products tricky, too. I’d previously been using a hanging caddy, but after upgrading my shower head months ago, it no longer fit. I’ve since been on the hunt for a replacement organizer that could work with my lack of wall coverage. Wall-mounted shelves felt out of the question, and I’ve personally never loved the look of extendable tension poles since they poke out from above the shower. I’d ultimately resolved to stacking my stuff on the bathtub rim (all of which consistently fell over, shower after shower), until I discovered a new-to-me storage option that installs in seconds, hardly takes up any space, and costs less than $8. Spoiler: it’s incredible, and I’m using this in every future bathroom of mine.

Allow me to introduce you to Amazon’s S&T INC. mesh shower organizer, a seven-pocket bathroom accessory that hangs directly from your shower curtain hooks. That’s right, thanks to three built-in loopholes, this layers on top of your shower curtain liner and seamlessly glides in tandem along any spring-loaded rod — A.K.A. you never have to worry about it falling or tipping over (looking at you, suction-cup styles). Because it’s essentially flat and measures just 14 by 30 inches, this also only extends as far as your bulkiest toiletries. Even completely filled up, mine still feels barely-there every time I step in the shower, and it’s positioned at the perfect height to easily access everything.

The compartments have to be my favorite part of this compact-yet-spacious organizer, hands-down — every shower staple has its own individual spot, from my razor and shaving cream to face wash and loofah. It’s a level of organization I didn’t think possible in my own bathroom, TBH. The top row touts three smaller pockets, while the remaining four stacked on the bottom accommodate more sizable necessities. One reviewer did note that it couldn’t fit their XL bottles, but, for size reference, my 650 ml Dove body wash has its own pouch with plenty of room to spare.

When you order via Amazon, choose between an individual S&T mesh organizer for $7.99, or a set of two for $11.99. I only used one for myself, but a pair would work well hanging side-by-side if you share a bathroom and need more space, or even as kids’ bath toy storage (and don’t worry, it sits at an out-of-reach height it sits high enough to stay out of reach for little ones, FYI). I do have an extra on hand in case my original gets dirty, but I don’t really anticipate having that issue because of the easy-to-clean mesh design. Ultimately, if you have a shower that’s compatible with a removable curtain rod, consider this one of the best, most convenient uses of organizing space. Plus, with the flexibility to hang this from any three hooks — as close or as far from the shower head as you’d like — it’s one giant step above shower curtain liners with built-in pockets.