You Can Make Your Cat’s Summer Fun With This 2-Story House From Amazon

published Apr 7, 2018
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Do you love your cat? Obviously, you do! Now you can make their summer extra fun by purchasing a 2-story kitty home for them to lounge around in. They’ll probably like the box this house comes in better, TBH.

You’ve spent months cultivating the perfect home. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, and house, you have made it a home by filling the space with things that make you happy. For many people, a home is not a home until you have a pet!

And, if you have a cat, then you know that they actually run the house. You might make the money, but in reality, the cat calls all of the shots. If your cat hates that succulent you bought for your office desk, then the succulent is getting tossed.

Now, you can appease your cats by getting them their own 2-story home. Cat beds are so 2009. The new way to treat your cat like royalty is buying them their own home (to go inside or outside your home).

Petsfit has a 2-story Outdoor Weatherproof home that you can purchase on Amazon for $120. The little cat house comes with stairs for the cats to go up and down. It is an ideal house for a cat that likes to go outdoors, but you don’t want them wandering too far. It is also a good cat condo for any feral cats you might feed and care for in your neighborhood.

The cat house dimensions are 30″x22″x29″. The panel walls are 12mm thick and are made of cedar, a kind of wood that is anti-rot material. The house should last up to 3 years outdoors and is sturdy enough to hold up multiple cats, but it is not ideal for cats that like to chew.

If you want to buy this 2-story cat condo, you can head to Amazon to purchase it for $120. It is even available for 2-day shipping!

If you’re looking for an indoor cat attraction, you can also purchase a sustainable cardboard cat house for your pet.