This “Essential” $21 Amazon Tool Kept My Plants Alive for a Month

published Jan 3, 2024
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I’m a proud plant parent with a large family of pothos thriving throughout my home. So the thought of leaving my little jungle high and dry while I went off on a month-long vacation made me shudder. I didn’t have a family member or friend who could come over to water them while I was away. That’s why I looked into solo solutions — my plants needed a slow release of water that would keep them satisfied until I returned. 

Enter: self-watering globe stakes. These charming plant accessories stand in for your green thumb when you’re not home, hydrating your plant babies on demand. They’re available in the shape of iridescent globes, mushrooms, suns, owls, cats, and more, so they double as cute decorations in your pots and planters, too.

Plant globe stakes, aka watering globes or plant nannies, act like patient gardeners, watering your plants only when they’re thirsty. The concept is simple: Fill the globes (usually made of glass, plastic, or porous clay) with water before you leave home for an extended period of time. Note that if you’ll be gone two to three weeks, it helps to also freshly water your plants beforehand so they’re hydrated and don’t immediately start pulling from the globes. 

To use these plant globes, you’ll first want to create a cavity in the soil with a pencil or skewer. Next you’ll insert the water stakes into the plant, reaching toward the plant’s roots at a 45- to 60-degree angle. Or, for a slower release of water, cover the tip of the stakes with a piece of paper towel and position them upright. As the soil dries out, the plant absorbs the globes’ reservoirs gradually, creating a self-watering system that keeps your plants perfectly moisturized. 

Although I have mostly pothos throughout my house, I also maintain a handful of other indoor plants with different watering needs. The globe stakes are great because they cater to various water consumption levels. Their adaptability to all kinds of plants makes them an essential tool for keeping your garden alive. For an added foliage boost, you can also fill the globes with water diluted with water-soluble fertilizer or plant nutrients. 

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or not, plant globe stakes take the precision out of knowing when to water your houseplants. They’re also the perfect gift for novice plant owners, particularly anyone apt to forget a watering routine. With these globes, worrying about keeping your plant family healthy while traveling or super busy will be a thing of the past!