This Plush Hotel Robe Was Almost the One That Got Away—Until I Found It on Amazon

published Sep 24, 2019
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Credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

Every good love story (at least ones that end well) have the same formula: they can’t stand each other when they first meet, they find commonality beneath what they thought were differences, they fall quickly and madly in love, they are ripped apart by unavoidable circumstances, and then they find home in each other’s arms once again. Okay, so maybe there was never any dislike, but I’d like to think this was like my recent love affair with my plush hotel robe (yes, a robe)…that I discovered is on Amazon for $89. Yes, a little pricey, but I would happily pay even double for this loose-fitting garment because that’s what you do… for love.

A little bit of backstory: I recently traveled to Boston for a work trip and by the end of Day 1, all I could dream about was checking into my hotel room at the Kimpton Nine Zero. I walked into my room, dropped my bags, and went straight to the closet in hopes that I would find a cozy robe waiting for me. Lo and behold, I opened the double doors to reveal a plush white robe hanging there, waiting for me to put it on. Saying that I was ecstatic is an understatement.

Sure, you could say that my exhaustion elevated the experience, but I swear it felt like I was floating on a cloud (okay, being sleep deprived definitely contributed). All I know is that it felt incredible. The cozy material relaxed me immediately, and for the next three nights I had the same routine: replace the day’s clothes with my night-in uniform, wipe off all my leftover makeup, and wrap myself in this soft, dreamy robe I got to call mine…at least during my stay.

I knew our time was limited, and on the morning of check-in I decided to check the tag in case I wanted to try and hunt it down for myself. However, deep down inside I felt the chances were slim: living in NYC and saving for a wedding was enough to soak up the majority of my extra spending money, which meant I couldn’t drop hundreds on a nice robe. I noted the name “Chaidsworth & Haig”—which I’ll be honest I had never heard of before—and figured it couldn’t hurt to look it up later.

After getting back from my trip on a Sunday night, I situated myself in front of my laptop and missed my plush companion. I remembered that I had saved the brand name and figured, why not? I’ll give it a quick Google. And lo and behold, there it was on Amazon…for $89. If I’m honest, at first, I wasn’t sure what to do with that price: it wasn’t bank-breaking but also much more than my usual robe variety at T.J. Maxx. But I can rationalize it: fall is coming so it’s important to invest in coziness, it’s wise to pick quality over quantity every once in a while, and last but not least, self-love. Plus, I discovered that this beauty comes in 12 colors, and more options is never a bad thing… unless you’re trying to save money, that is.

Now more than ever, hotels are starting to include merchandise that you can easily buy after you stay. But I felt like one of the lucky ones in that moment of realizing that yes, I had found my soul robe, and yes, I do deserve to splurge a little.

While I have yet to place the order, it’s on my wishlist (hey, the holidays are coming up!), and the thought of being reunited makes my skin feel soft and warm. And while I’m not sleeping as well as I did when I had it on back at the Kimpton, I’m sleeping a little easier knowing that it won’t be long before these star-crossed lovers are once again united. (Dramatic? Yes. True? Absolutely.)