Amazon Is Selling A Ready-To-Go Sauna For $1,000

published May 30, 2019
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Credit: Amazon

In the world of relaxation and fundamental fun-having, there might only be two types of people: those who like saunas (and they usually like hot tubs, too) and those who don’t. I’m not going to tell you how to be, but if you hate saunas, you might be doing it wrong…just something to consider.

Saunas are a godsend; they are a Finnish delight generously shared across the globe with those who are willing to experience their virtues. They are a place one goes to take deep breaths and sweat the toxicity of the world out while being reminded of how much they really do want to get serious about meditating. And now, you can easily obtain your own on Amazon—for only $1,000.

Constructed with Reforested Canadian Hemlock, these saunas seem to have a number of rave reviews (though, admittedly, we pause at the idea of replacing the traditional cedar with hemlock, but people seem to like it). And it is easy to see why. What they’ve done is pretty genius: take a luxurious experience that many who would want to have at home simply can’t afford, make it less expensive than traditional saunas (including those of similarly small dimensions), and create it in such a way that people can easily put it together in less than an hour and on their own, if necessary (though the reviews seem to convey that an extra set of hands is ideal for the glass component). That’s obviously a winning combination.

In addition to offering a wellness treatment that countless people throughout the ages have relied on steadfastly, the design is appealing, too. It’s a simple rectangular box but with tasteful touches that make it seem high-end and appropriate for a variety of locations. 

They’re almost cute and small and affordable enough to belong in an office, right? **hint, hint, company owners of the world!** Check out more details for yourself here.