4 Amazon Prime Day Deals That’ll Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home—and Basically Pay for Themselves

published Jul 15, 2019
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If you’re looking to make a smart investment this Amazon Prime Day, here’s a great idea: Wallet-friendly smart home upgrades that will make your home more efficient and, over time, will end up paying for themselves with the money you save on bills.

This smart thermostat will help save money on your utility bills without sacrificing your comfort. It learns your ideal climate profile, and efficiently times turning the temperature up or down so no extra energy is wasted. Sponsored and independent studies have shown that installing a Nest can save almost $145 a year in heating and cooling costs. And for Prime Day, the return on investment can be much faster, as the unit is an additional $60 off. It’s temporarily unavailable, but you can still order for the sale price and have it shipped to you once it’s back in stock.

“Energy vampires,” aka those electronics that use up energy just by being plugged in, can cost you about $100 a year. Put that money back in your pocket by installing a WiFi-connected power strip, which will completely turn off these devices when they’re not in use. And, hey, why not increase those savings by buying one today, with this model at an additional $20 off?

Switching 20 light bulbs in your home from incandescent or halogen to LED can save you at least $1,000 in ten years. Start chipping away at your energy use with this two-pack of LED bulbs on sale for just under $7. They not only use less electricity, but they’ll also last longer than traditional bulbs. To maximize your savings, install them in the lights you use the most.

You may think switching to a more water-efficient shower head means taking less luxurious showers, but this model is evidence that that’s not true. And since it comes with a WaterSense label, it uses no more than two gallons per minute—half a gallon less than standard shower heads. Not only will it have you saving on your water bill, but it will lower your energy costs, too, since it translates into heating less water.

Looking for more ways to save every day (and not just on Prime Day)? Here, 5 home upgrades that can end up paying for themselves.

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