The Best Stylish, Small Space-Friendly Furniture You Can Score for Less on Prime Day

published Oct 13, 2020
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A modern, stylish and bright living room
Credit: Oscar Wong | Getty Images

Making the most of a small space means surrounding yourself with smart pieces that marry form and function with effortless ease. Doing so on a budget is always a bonus and lucky for us, Amazon Prime Day is here to deliver with all the winning goods. Whether you’re finally ready to commit to that home office setup or looking to update those living room staples, we’ve got you covered with the best small space furniture deals you won’t want to miss.

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was $327.09

Packing in a punch wherever you can is a learned discipline of life in a small space. Cue this surprisingly roomy, streamlined sofa (it can fit up to three people comfortably) with its cool blue upholstery that’ll invite a refreshing splash of color to just about any decorative scheme.

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was $243.85

Ready to upgrade from that makeshift kitchen counter workspace? A contemporary writing desk with a handy drawer, built-in storage compartment, and a solid frame is exactly what you need.

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was $59.99

In a tiny studio furniture often plays double-duty and this cross-functional side table, with added shelving no less, is the perfect blend between a nightstand and a landing pad that can live next to the sofa.

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was $42.48

Reducing clutter is essential to small space living and this multifunctional bamboo organizer promises to make itself useful—be it in the entry hall, bathroom, or even in the kitchen. Its slim design results in ample shelf space without taking up too much real estate.

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was $69.99

This two-tier coffee table offers plenty of storage underneath and even more room to display your art books and candles on top. Its low pricepoint earmarks it as a no-brainer.

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was $200.00

Introduce a soothing textural element to the bedroom with a linen upholstered bed that’s ripe for R&R. Its modern frame won’t take up an excessive amount of square footage while the cushioned headboard will call to a statement-worthy finish.

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was $59.99

When you find yourself short on closet space (because let’s be real, it’s bound to happen) a free-standing garment rack is a foolproof way to squeeze in a little more storage. This customizable system features a removable bottom shelf, a reversible platform for accessories, and a clean structural detail that won’t stick out like an eyesore.

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was $69.99

A side table may feel like a luxury when you’re strapped for space, but this sleek number can seamlessly fit just about anywhere. Slide the bottom of the piece under your sofa, bed, or chair, and reap in the benefits of the added surface area.

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was $199.99

Your ever-growing collection of spirits deserves more than a single shelf on the bookcase. This compact, two-tiered bar cart is prime for storing all from stemware to barware and anything else in between. Built-in casters mean it can follow you from room to room with ease.