All the Prime Day Deals That’ll Help You Get the Home Office of Your Dreams

published Oct 13, 2020
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Dining room turned into an office
Credit: Kristine Weilert | Stocksy

Sometimes the difference between a productive day and a not-so-productive day comes down to your environment. A messy, cluttered, chaotic work space can feel stressful, while an organized, well-equipped WFH area can make you feel like you can conquer anything. Amazon’s Prime Day office and work from home deals are a great way to invest in items that can make your work space feel fresh, productive, and effective—all for prices that make sense for your budget. If you’re looking for a starting point when it comes to creating your ideal home office or work area, here are 10 deals that are an excellent place to begin.  

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was $349.00

Need to tune out background noise? Loud coworkers (or family)? A dog that constantly barks at the mailman right when you’ve entered a Zoom meeting? These Bose headphones offer solutions to all of that and more. And at 43 percent off, the savings here are as good as it gets.

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was $174.90

Upgrade your office with a stylish, versatile chair that can be used as a desk chair, dining chair, or any other seating. Having a clean, beautiful space is as much about the furniture as anything else, and this chair is sure to add a bit of style to any work space.

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was $159.00

If you were skeptical about Airpods at first and now feel a pang of envy every time you see someone listening to music or talking on the phone without having to untangle those pesky cords, strike now! These Airpods are almost 30 percent off and are sure to make your life a little easier.

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was $149.99

If you know Prime Day, then you know that Amazon products have the steepest deals. That’s why this Fire Tablet is nearly 50 percent off right now. The tablet combines Netflix, Kindle, Prime Video, Audible, and other functionalities to create a product that's a seriously smart addition to any home office.

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was $243.85

Keep your workspace efficient, stylish, and decluttered by investing in a simple (and beautiful) desk. With one drawer and limited workspace, this desk means that you'll have to keep your work area clean in order to minimize clutter. Think of it as an investment for your own productivity.

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was $249.00

Another Amazon product, the eero WiFi system brings internet access to your home (up to 5,000 sq. ft) without using a router. It provides fast, smart WiFi that even connects to Alexa to make your life as seamless as possible. Plus, it looks a whole lot prettier sitting on a shelf or desk than a typical router.

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was $99.99

There’s nothing that can cause persistent and frustrating back pain like poor posture. And there’s nothing that can cause poor posture quite like an uncomfortable office chair that’s not meant to be an office chair at all. This faux leather office chair swivels and offers a more comfortable, posture-friendly upgrade to your office space.

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was $279.99

Running out of space for photos, documents, and more? This external hard drive is transportable and durable, easily keep your digital items as safe as possible. Its aluminum body protects the SSD core and dissipates heat while also being water- and dust-resistant. Plus, it’s a whopping 45 percent off!

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was $131.73

Adding an extra monitor like this one to your work situation can be a game-changing investment. Doing so also echoes the feel of a “real” office, which might be nice if you’re now working from home on a more permanent basis. Plus, it means less straining your eyes and less tech neck.

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was $49.00

If you’re looking for something super simple and budget-friendly for your home office chair, this mesh back chair is perfectly professional—and comfortable. At 33 percent off, you can upgrade your space and get a great deal at the same time.