Three Things on Sale Today That Will Up Your Sleep Game This Season

updated May 3, 2019
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A good night’s sleep is a gift that keeps on giving. And while quality sheets and bedding will send you to snooze land faster, there are also tons of surprisingly effective bedtime accessories that can help make falling—and staying—asleep a whole lot easier.

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To help you make the most of your slumber, we’ve rounded up a handful of useful sleep aids that also happen to be marked down today on Amazon. Read ahead for three snooze-inducing items on sale today that you definitely shouldn’t, well, sleep on.

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If you find yourself struggling to drift off to slumberville at night because of random noises (from the street or your roomie), we’ve got the product for you. The HoMedics White Noise Machine features six different soothing sounds—think: thunder, rain, and ocean waves—all designed to help you block out annoying sounds and fall asleep faster. This clever sleep aid even comes with an auto-timer, so you won’t have to worry about wasting energy once you finally do doze off.

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Sometimes falling asleep is only half the battle. That’s why it pays to have a quality pillow that helps keep you comfortable—and knocked out—throughout the night. Although technically it’s designed to ease back, hip, and leg pain, this contoured knee pillow also aligns your spine to encourage better sleeping posture, making it the perfect pillow for side sleepers and pain sufferers, alike.

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Seasonal allergies keeping you awake at night? It may be time to consider the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp. Crafted from authentic crystals from the Himalayan Mountains, when heated, these organic beauties are believed to emit negative ions that help purify the air in your home by clearing out smoke, dander, pollen, and other pollutants. And even if you don’t buy the hype, the design-savvy model will still look great on your nightstand, emitting a soothing—and sleep inducing—ambience in your bedroom.