This Tiny House Cube Looks Bigger Than Its 300 Square Feet—and You Can Get It on Amazon

published Oct 9, 2019
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Tiny homes are intentionally small but their average costs suggest that the pared-down pads aren’t necessarily cheap. While they can be built to suit anyone’s needs and budgets, owning a tiny home can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000.

Fortunately, there’s a stylish and reasonably priced option for anyone hoping to acquire a minimalist dwelling and doesn’t want to spend six figures. Known as the NOMAD Cube, the micro-home is a product of the eponymous Canadian company, and for the buyer’s convenience, it’s available on Amazon. The nifty micro-residence measures 13’5” wide, 13’5” deep and 13’5” high and costs $38,800 plus shipping fees. 

The exterior of the NOMAD is a modern pairing of metal and wood; Inside, the design of the NOMAD defies its miniscule size (which is around 300 square feet if you factor in the loft space). The cube contains an open living room and kitchen complete with cabinetry and a stainless steel sink, plus a curved staircase that leads to a loft bedroom and bathroom. Four large front windows help illuminate the interior and keep occupants from feeling boxed in (no pun intended). Incredibly, the home still manages to offer ample space for storage and full-sized appliances.

The caveat (and cost-saving secret) to NOMAD home ownership is that the buyers can either assemble the home themselves or hire out for the job, which can be performed by two people with the “technical knowledge and skills of a handyman,” preferably someone with plumbing and electrician skills, the company recommends.

If one tiny structure isn’t enough, customers can also pay an extra $4,500 to utilize NOMAD connect to combine cubes. The company also has a line of convertible furniture to help maximize the interior space. After an order is placed, the NOMAD takes an estimated three to five weeks to ship.