This $40 Amazon Find Makes Working From Home With a Roommate So Much Easier

published Mar 24, 2020
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Credit: Amazon

I once read a quote about how, for New Yorkers, the whole city is their apartment. That may have been true a few weeks ago, but now, well, our apartments are our apartments, and the city is off-limits. Suddenly, the 500-square-foot two-bedroom apartment that I share with my sister began to feel very, very small.

Don’t get me wrong—I love my space. It has some lovely pops of color like a fruity shower curtain and a colorful rug, but it is pretty darn tiny. We have one trusty lift-top coffee table that, up until last week, functioned as our dining table, a storage spot, and occasionally as a desk if one of us ever worked from home. After one full day of working next to my sister at that coffee table, I knew we needed another solution ASAP. 

I wasn’t sure what to do, since neither of us has room in our bedrooms for a desk and our living room is definitely at capacity. I found several folding desks, but even those were a bit too large to fit in the minuscule amount of floorspace in my room. A wall-mounted desk seemed like a good option, but ultimately I decided it was more trouble than it was worth, since I don’t own a drill. 

Finally, after what seemed like hours of surfing Amazon, I came upon the perfect solution: this foldable TV table.

I have had my TV table for a week now, and it has truly changed my work-from-home game. Now, if I want to take a call in private, I can go into my room, close the door, and take the call without worrying that I am bothering my sister. It’s small enough to fit beside my bed, but big enough to fit my laptop and a notebook. It even has a cupholder, which is an added bonus.

The fact that this table is foldable is key, since it doesn’t exactly fit the boho, colorful vibe of the rest of our apartment. When the workday is done, I can simply fold it up and tuck it into my closet or under my bed. I even bought a folding chair to go with my tiny desk, which I also fold up and tuck away at night.

This particular tray won’t be shipped out from Amazon until the end of April, so if you need one ASAP, we found tons of similar options you can get in a more timely fashion, like this adjustable bamboo tray from Walmart, this wood breakfast tray from Target, and this budget-friendly find from Home Depot.