This $30 “Vintage” Amazon Lamp Makes My Home Feel Like a French Bistro

published Jan 23, 2024
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

You know those corners in your home that need more light but lack an electrical outlet nearby for a lamp? Well, I have four: The coffee nook in my kitchen, my bar cart area, near the dining room table, and in my hallway. 

I love lamps, and I’m always picking up interesting vintage ones at thrift stores and estate sales. But, sadly, most go unused because I don’t have anywhere to plug them in. I’m reluctant to string extension cords everywhere out of fear that things would start to look cluttered. That’s when I found the perfect wireless rechargeable table lamp from Amazon that not only is inexpensive, but it also looks antique and one-of-a-kind. 

This $30 vintage flower lamp is both artfully designed and practical, combining old-school charm with modern functionality. I chose the fluted shade design, which feels reminiscent of table lamps I’ve seen at Parisian bistros. It also complements the Amazon candle warmer lamp that went viral last year, which I have and use as a room scent diffuser. And thanks to its battery-operated design, this compact table lamp is now my handy household companion that I move around and use to elevate the lighting level — and ambiance — of various dim spaces. 

The lamp also comes with adjustable light temperature settings, allowing me to curate the mood and intensity depending on the occasion and where it’s styled. At night, I opt for a warm white to softly illuminate my bar cart, which adds a touch of jazz bar elegance to my collection of spirits and glassware. When I need more light on my dining room table, I use this for a gentle glow that I prefer to bright overhead lighting, too.

Credit: Kelsey Glennon

During the day, I count on the lamp for extra brightness while reading or sipping coffee in the morning. Because it’s cordless, this mobile accent allows me to light up different areas in my home on demand without sacrificing style and function. The absence of cords makes it a clutter-free accessory — especially on top of small or busy surfaces. It’s the perfect addition to a desk or vanity as well or even styled on a bookshelf to draw the eye to specific art, books, or collections.

In every room I place it, this Amazon cordless table lamp adds a touch of vintage-looking style and the perfect soft, subtle glow — in fact, I now consider it one of my household essentials!