This Space-Saving Amazon Drying Rack Creates Storage Out of Thin Air (and It’s on Sale!)

published Dec 21, 2023
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If there’s ever a time when I’m reminded of how small my apartment is, it’s laundry day. My bedroom’s fairly sizable — by New York City standards, at least — but I air dry all of my many, many delicates, which turns my standing drying rack into an overflowing tower of wet clothes. In fact, this usually gets so bulky that it takes up a ton of space, and I’m constantly having to shimmy around it or move it altogether just to navigate my room.

This collapsible rack has served me fairly well so far (and luckily folds flat enough to fit into my bedroom closet), but TikTok recently came to my rescue with an ingenious, space-saving alternative — that actually takes up zero floor space. Rather than standing upright, the Leifheit clothes drying rack from Amazon is designed to attach to your wall and extend outward, so your hanging laundry doesn’t have to dominate the entire room. Win-win!

What Is the Leifheit Retractable Clothes Drying Rack?

Leifheit’s clothes drying rack is a wall-mounted piece with eight retractable, 3.4-foot-long drying rods. It fits up to 44 pounds of laundry, which you can drape directly between the durable powder-coated steel rails, or hold up via hangers and clothespins to maximize even more air-drying room. Fully expanded, this drying rack measures only 24.25 inches wide, so you don’t need a ton of clearance wherever you install it — whether in your bathroom, laundry room, garage, and beyond. Note it does require screwing into the wall, but comes with the necessary mounting hardware. Best of all, when this is folded flat, it looks like an unassuming white towel rack (there’s an extra rung built into the very bottom) at only 5 inches tall by 40 inches long.

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What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“This is a great ‘clothes line’ without having to string one across your garage. It’s compact but when you expand all the rods, it fits a lot of clothes. It’s surprisingly sturdy. I fill it up with pants, sweaters, dresses that I can’t put in the drying. The rods bend a little but never break. I ended up buying a second one. And very easy to install, takes 2 screws.” —Reyna

“This is the best drying rack you can imagine. It folds flat and looks clean when closed up. When you open you pull out the rods and can hang a full load of laundry on them. Weight is not a problem. This thing can handle it. Everyone who looks in our laundry room wants to know where. Got it. This thing is quality. I might buy another one in the future. Finally I can get rid of that stupid pop up rack my wife sits around the house.” —Adam

“Love this rack. It fit perfect in our space above dryer and bottom metal bar is sturdy enough to hold hangers with clothes too. It’s wonderful how compact it is and blends in with our white wall so well it’s barely noticeable. It’s also very thin in depth once compacted. Fully recommend this purchase!” —Heather

Although some reviewers mentioned having to buy separate mounting hardware, this drying rack is ultimately a small-space laundry score. It’s easy to install and surprisingly compact, yet still provides plenty of drying area. The minimalist, modest design also pairs well with any design style. Grab one (or two!) while it’s currently on sale!