This $12 Insta-Famous Gadget With Over 8,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews Takes All the Hard Work Out of Holiday Gift Wrapping

published Oct 19, 2022
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wrapping presents
Credit: Erika Layne

Even if you’re an abysmal gift wrapper like I am, there are ways to avoid lumpy and uneven packaging. For example, you could go to the nearest shopping center and pay someone to do it for you. Or just get a bag. It might look too plain at first, but a peel-and-stick bow and some tissue paper should spruce things up. Still, nothing beats the look of a perfectly right-angled and expertly wrapped gift, especially during the holiday season. All those neat little boxes under the Christmas tree form the quintessential feel-good image for this time of year.

Don’t worry, though — there’s still plenty of time to master your wrapping skills, and it all starts with the paper. Select your festive print, then get to cutting! You’ll want straight lines in order to avoid lopsided seams and corners, but even that can be tricky for us manually inept folk. Thankfully, there’s a tool on Amazon ready to solve all your scissor-related woes, and it’s totally budget-friendly.

Not to be redundant, but this gift wrap cutter by Little ELF makes gift-wrapping a breeze, plus it comes in a pack of two for just $12. The plastic gadget slides onto any roll of paper that’s 2.25″ or smaller in diameter. Then, you just glide it down, and it slices a perfect line. Thousands of Amazon shoppers have tried this product and love it. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting very much when I ordered these, as the price was pretty low,” one reviewer said. “Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these are the easiest way to cut wrapping paper that I’ve ever found! And I’m so glad to have two so that I’m not constantly having to shift one from one roll of wrapping paper to another!” With this product, you’ll also no longer have to worry about your scissors snagging and creating tears.

And you can’t underestimate what an arm-saver the cutter will be when December hits, and you have tons of presents to wrap. Even just slicing through a few sheets of paper with scissors can cause hands to cramp, but this product doesn’t require the same amount of force in order to work effectively. Chances are, you’ll be finished with the task in one afternoon. “I got all of my presents wrapped in less than two hours with this guy,” wrote another satisfied customer. “Seriously only had to use it and a tape roll. No more, ‘where [are] the scissors.’ And no more measuring.”

It’s best to grab the gift wrap cutter now, before you’re swamped with all those other holiday-related duties. There’s no doubt that you’ll use it for years to come! Straight edges and neat corners await you.

Buy: Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter (2-Pack), $11.99 (normally $12.99)