Ambit Control Helps with Tracking Down Your Kids

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Oh, thank goodness! And here I was paranoid that I might have to teach my children how to make good decisions in life based on a well-developed moral sense that I would spend years tuning through tough, yet fair discipline. With the Ambit Control, a kids monitoring app that runs in the background of smartphones, tracking their whereabouts should be much, much easier.

Introduced just a few days ago, Ambit Control is pretty much parental spyware for kids’ smartphones. Not only does it tell you where the phone is (and thus, your children), Ambit also shoots you a message when your kid installs an app. The CEO says you can either inform your children that the phone is tapped from the get-go or hide the fact that they’re being watched entirely – it’s up to the parents themselves to make that decision.

Sarcasm aside, we do find this a little downright freaky (kind of like that one time the school thought it’d be a good idea to spy on high school students via their laptops). Not to mention the fallout of having to explain to them why they’ve been spied on for the past 2 years without their consent. Surely, it’s a double-edged sword, but if you’re confident you can wield it, we suggest keeping an eye out for Ambit Control in the near future.

As of the moment, the concept is aimed at Androids specifically since it supports multitasking, but we’re pretty iPhones will become a platform candidate once they start letting you run multiple apps at a time, a feature rumored to become apparent in the iPhone OS 4.0).

More info on Ambit Control here.

[Via Cnet]