This Is the Antiquity-Inspired Decor Item You’re About to See Everywhere

published Nov 24, 2020
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When decorating a space, I like to think there are three important factors that should always be present: something cozy, something practical, and a little bit of patina. Before you start thinking patina is something hoity-toity and unachievable, know that it’s just a fancy word for a piece that is (or at least, convincingly appears to be) worn or vintage. 

Think of patina like your favorite pair of blue jeans: something that has the perfect amount of wear, the perfect stretch, and a level of comfort that you just can’t seem to replicate with anything off-the-shelf. The same goes for decor items with patina. classical decorating trend with these brand new finds that mimic the look—and yes, patina—of an antique jar.

Credit: Pottery Barn

1. Joshua Vase

Made of earthenware, this inky black vase is stunning on its own or filled with botanicals. It would look especially great (and smell amazing) filled with sprigs of fresh eucalyptus.

Buy: Joshua Vase, Starting at $49.50 from Pottery Barn

Credit: Arhaus

2. Amphora Vase

This next pick probably looks the most legit of the bunch, thanks in large part to its terracotta base and moss-like green finish. Very “I just dug this up on an archaeological excavation,” don’t you think? At 14 inches tall, it’s also a nice size for its cost.

Buy: Amphora Vase, $69.00 from Arhaus

Credit: West Elm

3. Jug Vase

True to its DNA, West Elm offers up a decidedly fresh take on the traditional double handled vase. This piece, which is a whopping 17 inches tall, features a bold matte black band at its base, allowing it to bridge the gap between both vintage and modern styles.

Buy: Jug Vase, $70.00 $56.00 from West Elm

Credit: IKEA


For a sweet Swedish take, look no further than this vase from IKEA. The vessel couples traditional ceramic techniques (peep that dimpled texture!) with a cheery blue and white palette that’s sure to brighten up any space.

Buy: GODTAGBAR Vase, $9.99 from IKEA

5. Vanilla Glossed Ceramic Vase

Guys, this Anthropologie vase is giving me all of the heart eyes. I love the elongated handles that span almost the full length of the vase, and the natural glaze would be a great complement to a neutral kitchen.

Buy: Vanilla Glossed Ceramic Vase, Starting at $22.00 from Anthropologie

6. Terracotta Metal Vase

Although this metal stunner is a bit pricy and maybe isn’t the most historically accurate, it sure is pretty. I mean, look at those thin, angular arms! Thanks to its rusty hue, it would blend in perfectly with other more natural picks to create a truly stunning, warm minimalist vignette.

Buy: Terracotta Metal Vase, $86.00 from Holistic Habitat

Credit: Terrain

7. Drip Clay Jug Vase

You can thank the unique chippy glaze on this terracotta pot for its totally-believable vintage appeal. Bonus: The wide neck of the shape makes it the ideal place to house an oversized arrangement of your favorite blooms, fresh or dried.

Buy: Drip Clay Jug Vase, $128.00 $94.95 from Terrain

Credit: Pottery Barn

8. Marlowe Ceramic Urn

Fans of industrial decor will love this next pick, which pairs worn, wrought-iron handles with a glazed terracotta form. No matter what kind of blooms you do—or don’t!—put inside it, it’s a vessel that boasts just the right amount of edge.

Buy: Marlowe Ceramic Urn, Starting at $59.00 from Pottery Barn

9. Mottled Amphora Vase

The unexpected blue hue of this vase is such a pretty take on the trend and great for someone that doesn’t really jibe with an earthy, neutral palette. Pro tip: Because the mouth of this vase is so small, opt for a few streamlined stems of pampas grass or tropical leaves instead of trying to cram big blooms in.

Buy: Mottled Amphora Vase, $95.16 $74.00 from Bailey Street Home

Credit: Crate&Barrel

10. Ashland Ceramic Vase

If you’re really looking to turn tradition on its head, find yourself a piece that plays with bright hues, which typically weren’t available in ancient times. This Crate & Barrel piece goes for the bold with a mix of craggy rust, teal, and green glazing as well as asymmetrical handles.

Buy: Ashland Rust and Teal Ceramic Vase, $49.95 from Crate & Barrel