An Accidental Ellsworth Kelly

An Accidental Ellsworth Kelly

Grace Shu
Sep 11, 2007

I'm so intrigued by this film documentary that is coming out called My Kid Could Paint That, but not for the "was the child exploited for cash" angle....rather, it's the echo that I've heard whenever I go to a museum. There's always someone, usually by the Jackson Pollock or the Barnett Newman or the Ellsworth Kelly who stage-whispers, "Where's the skill in THAT?"

Artistic skill aside, when I received this photo of my friend's cat, I told her, "I'm loving that Ellsworth Kelly bit you pulled over the bed. Oh, and Binky's pretty cute, too." And she replied, "Oh, I just hung a blank canvas up until I figure out what I should put over there. You really think I should leave it blank?"

What do you think? Should she leave it blank in the name of Ellsworth? Or bust out some happy little trees like Bob Ross? Or create a framed photo collage/shrine of Binky in various states of cat-lounging?

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