An Alternative to Cardboard Boxes on Moving Day

An Alternative to Cardboard Boxes on Moving Day

Jason Loper
Jan 19, 2011

The last time I moved, I collected boxes from the cardboard recycling dumpster outside a Family Dollar store. As I was digging through the dumpster full of cardboard, I thought about how many places all these boxes had probably been and how dirty they were. There must be a better way to move, I thought. It seems I wasn't the only one thinking that!

A new Chicago start-up is providing an alternative to cardboard boxes for moving day. Redi-box rents plastic bins for your packing and moving needs. Although currently only available in the Chicagoland area, I can see this concept growing to a wider market.

Renting the boxes from Redi-Box seems fairly easy. First, you estimate how many boxes you think you'll need to pack up all your belongings. The boxes are approximately 27"w x 17"d x 12.5"h and there's a guide on the Redi-Box website to help you decide how many boxes you might need based on home size. Once you place the order, Redi-Box will deliver empty, clean plastic boxes to your door. You then use the boxes to pack up your belongings and then move them to your new home. After the move, you unpack like you normally would and then Redi-Box will come to your new home and pick up the empty boxes.

There are a couple of great side benefits to using this service. First of all, with the great return of the dreaded bedbug I'm not as willing to dig empty cardboard boxes out of dumpsters. Secondly, knowing that Redi-Box will be back in two weeks to pick up the plastic bins would give you initiative to unpack everything. You'd be far less likely to shove the boxes into the corner after moving day.

For more information on Redi-Box, check out their website.

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