An Argument For Making the Bedroom a Tech-Free Zone

An Argument For Making the Bedroom a Tech-Free Zone

Gregory Han
Jun 6, 2013

Do you sleep next to your cell phone? Is your wireless router situated in your bedroom? You might want to reconsider where you keep your signal-emitting device and also think about how close they're situated to your bed according to the findings of this recent science project...

A group of five students at Hjallerup School in Denmark noticed they were experiencing ongoing issues concentrating at school on days after sleeping with their cell phones near their heads. This led to formulating the core of their ninth-grade science project experiment. Two sets of six trays of Lepidium sativum, a type of garden cress, were grown from seed. One group of 200 seeds were grown next to two wi-fi routers, simulating the amount of radiation from a cell phone. Another group was grown in a room without any nearby radiation source. 

The results after 12 days of observed growth time would cause anyone concern, with the cress seeds grown near the routers showing only a pittance of green and growth (left), while the radiation-free control group thrived as one would hope (right).

If the small sample findings cause concern, you might want to make a few changes to your  

1) Don't sleep with your phone right next to your bed: if you need to keep your phone in the bedroom, place it on the other side of the room. Same goes for other wireless network and wi-fi enabled devices

2) Don't place wi-fi routers in the bedroom: This can't always be helped in small spaces, so consider installing them overhead instead. But ideally, your wireless router is no where near where you sleep.

3) Reduce Outgoing Radiation: If you do insist on sleeping near your phone, consider purchasing the Pong Radiation Protection Cell Phone Case, a case specifically designed to reduce radiation exposure sourced from cell phones.

And if you're wondering, the students' science project findings have led to some lifestyle changes for the whole group and some sound  

“None of us sleep with our mobile phones at our bedside any more. Either we keep them at a distance or in another room. And we always turn off the computer."

Via: Mother Nature Network

(Image: Gregory Han; 9b Hjallerup School; David GoodierChris Perez)

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