An Imagined Life: Basement Chair

An Imagined Life: Basement Chair

Jul 10, 2007

Every piece of used furniture has a story to tell. We only need to sit back and listen.

I'm okay right here but this store is bright, man. These lights are, like,…dude. Serious.

Yeah, so, I got, like, kicked out. I was so chill in the basement, man, it was so good. It was all cool down there and dark. Not like this place, man. This place is loud and, like, crazy-bright. The basement was quiet. I could listen to my jams, dude, and just be mellow.

But, yeah, no more. They all said, "That thing's gotta go," like I wasn't just sittin' right there and could hear 'em. Heartless, dude, for real.

It's like they didn't even remember the good times anymore...

They used to sit on me, all chill, and play video games for, like, a million hours. And I'd just hang out, bein' all comfy, relaxin' in the blue light from the TV. Man, that was awesome. And then sometimes, they'd have friends over and play cards and stuff and that was pretty cool too. Bein' all social-like, drinkin', feelin' like you're part of something bigger, you know.

But, nah, no, it's all over, dude. Kaput-ski. They get one good tax return and suddenly I'm not pretty enough to hang out with all the new furniture. Whatever. It's cool though. I kinda like it here, besides it bein' so dang bright. So I'll hang here for a little bit 'cause soon someone's gonna walk through that door, see me chillin', and just know that I'm, like, the perfect chair for watching late movies and eatin' pizza. Ah, pizza. I totally miss that smell, man...

This sucks.

If you have an unfurnished basement and a PlayStation, you can find this dude here:

Unique Thrift Store
4445 N. Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640

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