An Imagined Life: The Light From Across the Pond

An Imagined Life: The Light From Across the Pond

Aug 14, 2007

Every piece of used furniture has a story to tell. We only need to sit back and listen.

Righto. I'll be brief.

I was found in a car park. Just left there by some wally. I should think that I'm quite spawny that some young skirt picked me up and brought me to this shop but, all in all, the whole thing has got me rather stroppy.

But that's aside the point. Now I'm free and I must say I'm a charming little chap. I take up no space and, even better, I only cost a couple of quid.

I've got no wonky parts and would be perfect for the industrious singleton who's trying to swot up on his studies. Or just imagine coming back from the newsagent, putting your feet up with a crumpet or some mash, and flicking me on when it's time to tend to your accountancy. Ideal! And I'm not trying to be up myself here but the lady who dropped me off here did say I was rather twee.

This isn't a dodgy deal - I am what I am: aluminum, a bit of wood, a cord. All I ask is that if you tire of me; please just stick me out in some jumble sale instead of throwing me in the dustbin like common rubbish.

So go grab a nosh or watch some telly but just think about it, yeah? Ta.

If you'd like to meet up with this bloke, you can find him here:

Brown Elephant Resale Shop
3651 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60613

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