An Imagined Life: (P).Y.T. Olive Dishes

An Imagined Life: (P).Y.T. Olive Dishes

Feb 7, 2008

All used items come with a story to tell. We only need to lean in and listen.

T: I don't even know what happened to P. She just kinda disappeared.

Y: It was the drink, man. After the band broke up, she just couldn't deal straight. She got herself mixed up with rough stuff, man. You know, the fast crowd. And T and me, we weren't really around to hold her back.

T: The last time I saw her? I saw her...a few months back...saw her comin' outta a liquor store. Barely recognized her. She used to be so pretty...

Y: Nah, don't do that, man! She'll always be pretty.

T: I know...but there was somethin' in her eyes. She was gone.

Y: She's a leader, though, always was. She can come back. She just needs help, like everybody. She needs the right people around her. Hey, you mind if we say something to her, you know, in case she's readin' this?

T: Good call.

Y: P, baby,...we miss you. It don't matter what you've done or where you're at now. You come home. You'll always be family to us.

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