The Studio of HEX6AGON's Sara Czosnyka

The Studio of HEX6AGON's Sara Czosnyka

Sean Rioux
Aug 23, 2012

Name: Sara Czosnyka
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Browsing the popular crowd funding site Kickstarter, I recently came across Sara Czosnyka and her unique home decor product, HEX6AGON. Great design often means applying simple concepts to achieve big impact. Playing with light and simple geometric form, HEX6AGON provides a clever, customizable system of vinyl tiling for bringing color into your home.

I recently spoke to Sara, who lives and works from a shared warehouse space in L.A., about her journey developing HEX6AGON and funding it with Kickstarter, and how she balances her work space and home life.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your background and how you came to develop your HEX6AGON product.

After earning degree in Industrial Design from UIUC, I avoided the job market by exploring materials and processes; welding, venetian leather mask making, silk screening, sculptural lighting, a long internship with a classic men's hatter. I enjoy the process of learning, but not committing to one avenue. Projects find me — every time I make something I satisfy a need within, clearing head space for a new project.

I am currently enjoying researching container homes. I've begun to create a series of products that I want for my (eventual) home. I make things that move or entertain me, and enjoy sharing the aesthetic with others.

Your project is seeking funding through Kickstarter. What lead you to the decision to take to the the Kickstarter community to look for investors?

For a small business, Kickstarter is a great platform to both introduce Process and Content as a company, as well as serve as a test market for products I design. People with diverse backgrounds, from all over the world, have found my work on Kickstarter. They offer advice, ask intriguing questions, give praise, and support a common culture and lifestyle.

You said you live and work out of a warehouse in LA. How do separate your work space and home life?

I live with 5 men with different skill sets than myself: photography, illustration, silk screening, etching, music, tattooing and the zen of motorcycle maintenance. They serve as great sounding boards, offering fresh perspectives on a given set of circumstances. Seeing as I'm the only chick, they also are very gracious about giving me space.

I don't try to separate work and life; for me, they inspire and support each other. However, I love things and I surround myself with inspiring objects. Sometimes I seek less visual clutter, and then I take to the streets or the LA river and some great public parks, where I walk my dog and enjoy the calm of nature.

Your product, the HEX6AGON tiles, seems like an innovative way to play with shape, light and color in home decor. Talk a bit about your aesthetic vision, both personally and in developing the HEX6AGON tiles.

The process of play is the most influential aspect of my work. I want my designs to communicate with their settings and interact with their audience. I appreciate clean lines, whimsy, and authentic materials. I enjoy playing with a material, pushing it to the edge of its limitations.

HEX6AGON is a direct relative to FACET, my first Kickstarter project, which is rooted in my affinity for area rugs. Going back to look into the color options and limitations of the FACET material, I was intrigued by a similar vinyl product that lent itself to a different application. With HEX6AGON, I simplified the the process of production and application by utilizing one shape in three sizes, in four colors. The Kickstarter community is continuing the play of the design process, requesting additional options. I enjoy playing.

On your Kickstarter project you mention the product materials are locally sourced. Could you elaborate on why/if this is important to you in developing your product?

I like to be in control of my process and have a tactile relationship with my content, so being able to handle material before and during production is important. I enjoy working with quality materials, making everything myself, fabricating one offs or small batches. I enjoy points of contact with other creatives; people who supply or produce materials I use are creatives. Selecting the lowest price material from a catalog is not creative.

The Project

HEX6AGON is a clever decor solution which consists of geometric vinyl tiles, available in 4 different colors, which can be tiled on glass to create a modern stained glass effect. The HEX6AGON product is manufactured in California by Sara Czosnyka from locally sourced materials.

For more information about Sara and her HEX6AGON project, visit her Kickstarter page, or check out her website Process and Content where she has featured some of her other beautiful decorative and sculptural work.

(Images: Sara Czosnyka)

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