An Inventive Triangular Wireless Speaker Designed to Blend Into Corners

An Inventive Triangular Wireless Speaker Designed to Blend Into Corners

Gregory Han
May 17, 2013

A few years back...ok, make more than a decade ago, I purchased my first dedicated home theater audio system. It was a glorious behemoth of a system, with left, right, satellite surrounds, center, and get this...two discrete subwoofers. It was fine and dandy when I was sharing a large home with a then girlfriend. But then we broke up right before I moved from LA after accepting a job in San Francisco where I found myself in a 300 sq. ft. studio, situating such a system proved challenging... 

Ideally, one hopes audio speakers to be both acoustically optimized for playback, all the while not becoming an eyesore or placement hazard. This fine balance isn't always struck, and sometimes we find speakers placed in unusual places or just learn to live with their sometimes overbearing presence. Small space dwellers like myself often ditch the dedicated multi-speaker system (I gave the Soundspace system to my mother, then later just gave it to a friend) and adopt a space efficient sound bar speaker

Taking this all into account is a roundabout way of saying I can really appreciate when audio designers really consider non-audiophile customer considerations when developing and designing a product, as is the case with this Kickstarter, the Tiptop Bluetooth speaker.

Pardon the pun, but the designers of the Tiptop seemed to have successfully triangulated around three features: wireless streaming, portability, and most notably, a form factor which takes advantage of natural amplification produced utilizing corner placement physics. The result are clearer highs and lower lows (in the simplest example, you can see this effect in action by simply cupping your hand around your smartphone speaker and comparing before and after performance).

Although the speaker is rated for 10 wireless hours of use anywhere, whether on the desk or out around the house, it's optimally placed within a secure magnetic wall-mounted holder (succinctly called, the Mount).

The Tiptop is currently in funding mode, with an 2nd wave investors being offered a $199.00 "early bird" special for a speaker and a mount, then up to $249 once the 300 limited price slots are taken up.

(Images: Alex Walker, Jack Brody, Maddie Thompson)

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