An iPhone Case for the HGTV, Granite Countertop Lover

An iPhone Case for the HGTV, Granite Countertop Lover

Gregory Han
Feb 9, 2012

Here's a drinking game for all you HGTV viewers out there: every time someone mentions "granite countertops" on any one of their shows, take a swig (two, if it's Americans abroad looking for a vacation home). Warning: you're going to need one of those Gallo wine jugs and you're going to get drunk very quickly…

A recent Washington Post piece about the granite countertop phenomena seems "about 5 years late" to the trend, as one astute commentator remarked, but the report reflects granite's popularity hasn't waned. And from the look of open houses and shelter TV programming from coast to coast, one could argue granite countertops are as American as double sink bathrooms.

Personally, I'm really not all that fond of most granite, many of which look like a cross between a smudged Jackson Pollock painting, the surface of Jupiter, and magnification of psoriasis calcification; there's always this bothersome, OCD concern, even when carefully wiped clean, there's an errant food stain playing Where's Waldo within the speckles and swirls of the busier granite options. I'm totally Team White Marble (or Corian, depending upon the era of the interior).

And because I like white marble (cons and all), I also like this chic iPhone 4 backplate design (via Brave Cadet), which exhibits the subtle, continuous, and eye-pleasing finish which distinguishes itself from its busier, non-porous relative. This marble concept iPhone case is the real reason I meandered into this short editorial rant about kitchen countertop options, because frankly, it seemed the perfect opportunity to detour toward the more interesting topic of the the pros and cons of kitchen surfaces than just announcing yet another iPhone accessory.

ARGHHH...why did I even Google "granite+iPhone+case"? There are granite countertop style iPhone cases out there, proving my belief that every conceivable pattern or design has been converted into an iPhone case. Just imagine setting one of these down on a matching kitchen surface and not being able to find it. Someone call Mike Holmes and have these design inspected, demolished, and make it right, please.

A simulated situation where an iPhone could go missing for days. Somewhere on that counter is your phone, lost amongst the whirls and speckles of your HGTV dream come true.

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