An Obsolete Speaker Comes to Life as a Side Table

An Obsolete Speaker Comes to Life as a Side Table

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 18, 2010

Jane of My Pear Tree House had a problem. She had a pair of gynormous speakers in her living room that she no longer used, because she had replaced them with smaller blasters, but didn't want to just go out of add to the junk heap. So instead she used the speakers tall frame to turn them into lovely side tables.

Her husband is the main reason she decided to keep these beast. He made some good points every time she tried to put them out on trash day, including, "You would never be able to buy speakers of this quality today," "You never know, we might use them at some point," and finally, "Maybe the children can have them when they are a bit older." As the daughter of someone who built his own gynormous speakers back in the early 80s, we can really appreciate that last sentiment. We know if we had the room we'd convince our pops to give up his massive cones.

So, since Jane had to live with them, she decided to do a little hack job in order to hide them, but still use them. With some plywood, a saw, and some duct tape, Jane created a cage frame that go around the speakers. She wallpapered the plywood with a beautiful print for GP&J Baker and then duct taped the interior sides of the pieces together (we would have probably opted for some finishing nails). The newly decorated cage slides over the speakers so as not to damage them.

We like these for the same reason Jane does, they offer a side table height that's hard to find, yet so convenient for couches with high arms. Plus we love the fact that these didn't get scrapped, but were given a second life that allows them to always be used for their original purpose in the future.

via Design*Sponge

(Images: Jane)

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