An Ode to Favourite Kitchen Tech: The Timer

An Ode to Favourite Kitchen Tech: The Timer

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 15, 2011

Yes we all know that it is easy to use a smartphone or microwave as a kitchen timer but there is definitely something to be said about the stand alone kitchen timer. The ideal kitchen timer wipes clean quickly, is hardy, and has an easy to read display. In this mini review/roundup we take a look at one of our favourite kitchen timers and make a case for this "single use appliance."

We love to cook and bake but unfortunately live in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen. The small space constraints mean that every piece of counter real estate needs to be accounted for and there is no room for unnecessary gadgets. While some might argue that a dedicated timer is an extravagance in the age of smartphones, due to our little timers frequency of use we would have to say that at least in our household they are wrong.

The Amadana Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer uses a virtual sand interface.

One of the main reasons why we opt for using a dedicated kitchen timer is how incredibly messy our hands are when we cook and bake. Having a dedicated timer means that we don't have to worry about messing up our phone or getting the microwave exterior dirty (although we do use the microwave timer often as a second timer). We also love how easy kitchen timers are to see which makes them much easier to read than our smartphone or microwave.

Our trusted kitchen timer is the Orka by Mastrad Electronic Sand Timer & Clock. Being the retro loving nerds we are, we were initially attracted to this timer because of the pixelated sand. This cleverly designed kitchen timer combines pixel love and nostalgia with a clean modern design in a small footprint.

The buttons on the top of the device make the timer easy to set even with oven mitts on and the clean lines and smooth surface also make it a snap to clean. We often leave the room once we have placed our baked goods in the oven and the visual alert when time is up is easily seen even from several feet away. The timer also does double duty as a clock by simply flipping over the device. Easy to set, easy to clean, and easy to see and hear when the timer has elapsed, this little kitchen timer and clock is one well designed gadget and we have definitely gotten more than our $19 worth out of it.

Sold on the dedicated kitchen timer, but not on our pick? Check out these three helpful kitchen aids:

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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