An Unlikely Cat Treat: Organic Salad Greens

An Unlikely Cat Treat: Organic Salad Greens

This is going to sound a little odd, but hopefully some readers can relate: Our cat loves. craves. needs. must have... salad.

Some cats flip for tuna fish or chicken -- ours might just rip your fingers off in excitement if you so much as bring a piece of romaine into our apartment.

When we first noticed his odd obsession with leafy greens, we did a little research.

As it turns out, outside cats get to nibble on grass all day -- it's good for their digestion and it provides another source of hydration in their diet. Inside cats don't often have access to grass so they'll settle for salad.

Yeah, sure, Charlie likes cat grass; but, he LOVES organic baby romaine lettuce.

So, now, whenever we have a salad with dinner -- which is most nights -- Charlie gets his own little dish of organic lettuce. It's kind of insane, but worth it. However; it is also important to note that a lot of human food/plants are poisonous to cats. We've read that a little organic lettuce is fine (and we stress organic so that you don't expose your pet to any nasty chemicals), but other than that, be sure to check with a vet or do your own research.

Our other cat simply sniffs the lettuce and can't seem to figure out what all the fuss is about -- so, apparently it won't appeal to all felines.

Do your cats eat anything really weird?

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