Analysis Paralysis: How To Go From Thinking to Doing

Analysis Paralysis: How To Go From Thinking to Doing

Alysha Findley
Aug 22, 2012

Over analyzing decor solutions to the point where you can't make a decision is an all too common problem. With all the great ideas out there, how do you settle on just one? Do you worry about regretting your decision?

I was just talking to my friend about her analysis paralysis and could completely relate as I try to fill an empty home. Which got me thinking, in a world with ideas constantly bombarding us, how do we make the leap from research to action? Here are some ideas that may help you push through that great divide.

Make Boards: Create style boards, digital or physical, of all your different ideas and slowly weed through them. If you end up with two that you can't decide between, it's probably the actual decision that you don't love, not the style. If it's that hard to pick one, you probably have a strong affinity to both ideas and will end up with something you love.

Trust Your Instincts: It's not always easy to go with your gut, but I often find that when I do it is a decision I don't regret. I think we all know what we are attracted to deep down, it's just other influences that may change our minds.

Sleep On It: If you find something that you are really excited about but want to make sure it isn't an impulse buy and that you really want it, then leave it for a while. If you still want it, then it just might be the right decision.

Test Drive It: Can it easily be returned for your money back? Then take it home, see it in your space, live with it for a minute and decide if you are in love or not.

Talk It Out: Getting out of your own head and talking it over with someone else is a really good way to solidify what you really want.

Stop Researching: Once you have chosen a style that you like, stop looking! If you keep looking you will keep finding; there is no doubt about it. There are so many amazing ideas out there and more coming out every day. You have to say, "Ok this is the look I'm going for," and stick with it. If you keep flip flopping it can go from being a joyous experience to a stressful miserable one.

Calm Down: Creating your space should be fun and exciting. Remember, it's all about your own happiness, so give yourself a break and explore with wild abandon. Choosing the wrong wall color, although a pain and potentially expensive, is not the end of the world.

And remember, don't let the fear of making a wrong decision take over the joy you can have in making a stunning home. Decorating is an art, not a science.

Do you have trouble making design decisions? How do you make up your mind? Share your tips below...

(Image: Alysha Findley)

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