AncestryDNA Is Currently 40% Off Through Monday, August 20

published Aug 17, 2018
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(Image credit: AncestryDNA) got started as a place where you could create family trees with the support of public records like census data as well as other amateur genealogists who are doing overlapping research. But these days, they’ve gone high tech. Ancestry now sells DNA tests that are designed to enhance your research. But you don’t have to be interested in family trees to be curious about your own DNA makeup.

No matter what reason you might want to learn more, if you aren’t one of the 10 million people who have already taken a test, now might be the time. AncestryDNA is currently 40 percent off as part of their summer sale through Monday, August 20.

Typically $99, the test is currently retailing for $50 on both Amazon and Ancestry’s own website. The test looks at DNA markers for over 350 regions across the globe, from Western Götaland in Sweden to the Ivory Coast. AncestryDNA is also able to go a step further and look at migrant groups your ancestors may have been a part of throughout the Americas, including African American and Caribbean populations. This provides a much deeper look at more recent ancestry and ethnic groups than Ancestry’s largest competitor, 23andMe.

Unlike 23andMe, there is also currently no option for health testing. (23andMe provides just genetic testing for $99, with the option for health and wellness for $199.) So if you’re more curious about genetic markers, you may consider saving up some more money to grab one of their more expensive kits.

Both companies, however, do have the ability to share your DNA with third parties, though never on an individual level. Both companies also give you the opportunity to have your data destroyed or removed from research. You can read more about Ancestry’s privacy policy here.