An Old Love Is New Again: Trumpet Vines, Red & Blue

An Old Love Is New Again: Trumpet Vines, Red & Blue

Tess Wilson
Apr 1, 2011

Since red trumpet vine is the favorite plant of two of my very favorite people in the whole world, I've long loved it for it's own summery beauty and the people it reminds me of. But I never knew it came in blue!!!

As the scientist types out there know, red and blue trumpet vine are actually very different plants. The blue variety, Thunbergia Grandiflora, is also known as Bengal's trumpet. It is native to India but does well in many parts of the US, especially the southeast. Though it isn't native, I didn't find any references to it as invasive (if you know otherwise please let us know!). There are some helpful discussions about blue trumpet vine on Dave's Garden and Sagebud. The red variety, a creeper vine native to the eastern, north-central, and south-central United States, is Distictis buccinatoria, according to Martha Stewart's nice little feature. But wait- according to the very thorough Easy Native Wildflowers it's Campsis radicans or Bignonia radicans or...this is getting confusing. Let's go back to talking about how pretty it is, and how much hummingbirds like it. They like it a lot. As discussed on Apartment Therapy a few years ago, red trumpet vine is great.

I've always wanted to grow red trumpet vine someday, but now that I know there's a blue variety I can't wait! Charming pots of the two colors intertwined, and perhaps a dress to match, like this one from Dema (but in red & pale-blue plaid)...

Images: Red Trumpet from Martha Stewart. Blue Trumpet (detail & full shot) from Belle Magazine Feb/March 2011, planting by Eckersley Garden Architecture, photo by Derek Swalwell, styling by Jacinta Le Plastrier.

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