ANDREA Natural Air Filter & Purifier

Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards, the ANDREA amplifies the natural ability of houseplants to absorb and metabolize noxious airborne chemicals. The concept originated from the collaborators’ Bel-Air design for a mini-mobile greenhouse — and after 2 years of development, it is ready for consumer sales and use…

While it is ON, ANDREA continuously inhales the indoor air and forces it through 3 natural filters — the plant leaves, its roots, and a humid bath — before returning the purified air to the room.

A single ANDREA unit can effectively improve indoor air quality in a space up to 400 square feet and can be turned off and on throughout the day to clean local air quickly.

There are no filters to clean, and general maintenance is limited to watering the plant — something that you should have been doing, anyway!

Some of the best plants for ANDREA are also some of the most common:
• Spathiphyllum (spath or peace lily)
• Dracaena marginata (red-edged dragon tree)
• Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant)
• Aloe vera.

You can read more about the inventors, Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards on the ANDREA site.

ANDREA will be available to consumers in October for about $200. It is supposed to be available from Frontgate, Hammacher Schlemmer and Amazon.

Via: Dezeen.