Andre’s Mews: Apartment Inspiration from Melbourne

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For anyone who lives in a newly constructed building with carpet, mini blinds, and/or mirrored surfaces, this post is for you. Although these might not make most reader’s lists of “wants” in an apartment, they’re pretty common — especially in a city full of recent residential buildings. Andre’s Mews, a service apartment complex in Melbourne, Australia, is one such building, and it offers some solutions for working with these common rental issues.

Designed to be used as luxury service apartments for travelers on short-to-long-term stays, these spaces are neutral and evenhanded, but they’re also well edited, and they present some affordable, workable solutions.

  • Contrast can bring balance to a standard white box. Dark accessories — like a striped rug, dark throw pillows, black curtain rods, or a deep gray blanket on the bed — help make a light room feel more grounded.
  • If your style is traditional but you’re living in a contemporary apartment, there are several things you can do to bridge the gap. Add decorative wall molding, update traditional styles with contemporary mirrored finishes, and/or mix a few steel and glass pieces in with your wood furniture.
  • Most importantly if you’re blending styles (either architecturally or within your decor): heavily edit what you own so your space feels like a curated mix of things that live well together rather than a hodge-podge of stuff.
  • Floor-to-ceiling drapes add drama and help to soften the hard edges of a window. They can even make mini-blinds less offensive if you don’t want to remove the landlord’s window treatments.
  • Layer area rugs over carpet to define “zones” in your home and split up an expanse of wall-to-wall carpeting.

To learn more about Andre’s Mews and its rental apartments, click here.

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