Android @ Home Could Offer Affordable Home Automation

Android @ Home Could Offer Affordable Home Automation

Taryn Williford
May 11, 2011

Google's Android mobile interface has always been open-source, meaning that it's easier for developers to get creative with apps and services. Now, Android's taking it to another level, launching Android @ Home, a combination of open-source software and hardware that may be bringing home automation to the masses—and sooner than you think.

Android wants to think of your house, and every electrical device inside of it, as a mobile device. By connecting all of those devices to the Android operating system, you're enabling your phone to control every piece of tech in your house.

With Android @ Home's open-source libraries, developers can create home automation applications to control your lights, stereo, TV, game system, washing machine and virtually anything else you can plug in, all from your Android-powered cell phone or mobile device. They're trying to create an easily accessible home automation framework for developers and appliance and electronics manufacturers to tap into.

So far, all we've got to oogle at is a demo, so we're not exactly sure how Android is going to power up our dishwasher. The technology, described so far as an "undefined wireless protocol," is still under wraps, so we're not sure how much it's going to cost to replace our gear with Android-@-Home-equipped devices and get into GoogleHome 1.0.

But we do have a hint. Android announced that one bit of tech displayed at the demo, an Android-compatible LED light bulb produced by Lighting Science Group, will be on sale by the end of the year. And for how much? Lighting Science Group's Vice President of Electrical Engineering, Eric Holland, said that in terms of cost the bulb will be in line with the cost of other LED bulbs.

Will you buy in to Android's new open-source standard for home automation? Is Android @ Home going to inspire you to switch your mobile device? Tell us what you think in the comments!

via Gizmodo and GigaOm

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